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A Simple Guide to Styling Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are already eye-catching and provide a certain sophistication and allure to any outfit they are paired with. However, this does not mean you cannot make them stand out even further. You can try a few fashion hacks to enhance their natural beauty. This article will show you how to style diamond jewellery and enhance its appearance by following a few simple tips and tricks.

Consider the Occasion

Before picking the diamond pieces to wear, consider the occasion. Determine whether it is casual, semiformal or formal, as this will guide you on selecting the most appropriate pieces and how much sparkle to go with.

Styling Different Pieces of Diamond Jewellery

Let’s start with diamond necklaces. These are an eye-catching centrepiece, and they make a significant statement on their own. To ensure your ensemble is not overwhelming, it is best to pair diamond necklaces and pendants with a simple blouse with a solid colour. You can also complement your necklace or pendant with a diamond bracelet for even more sparkle.

Sterling Diamond Earrings

You can choose from different types and styles of diamond earrings, with how you show them off having a lot to do with how you style your hair. A stylish updo with a few hair tendrils pairs well with diamond drop earrings. This combination is perfect for formal occasions. You can enhance this look by pairing the earrings with a diamond necklace.

A ponytail or effortless waves go well with diamond hoop earrings to provide a chick look best suited for less formal occasions. You can also go with an edgier look by pairing the hoop earrings with diamond stud earrings.

How to Style Diamond Rings

Diamond ring bands offer a sophisticated yet understated look for different occasions. You can purchase diamond rings from Regal Hatton Garden Jewellers and pair them with gold or silver ones. You can wear the rings stacked or have one on each finger. You can also create an interesting look by pairing diamond rings and bands with silver or gold rings.

Diamond rings and bands also go well with diamond stud earrings but know that such pairings will lead to a lot of sparkle – maybe much more than you prefer.

Styling Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets are an excellent option because they add sparkle, elegance, and sophistication to any outfit. You can wear them with everything from a pair of jeans to a classy evening gown. That said, some people consider diamond bracelets to be too formal and thus not suitable for casual occasions.

Diamond bracelets look great when paired with studs or hoops white gold earrings. You can add more to your outfit by pairing and layering the diamond bracelets with white gold bangles. For something completely different, consider pairing your diamond bracelets with an all-black ensemble.

Styling Diamond Chains

Diamond chains are similar to diamond pendants in many ways, including their ability to elevate most outfits. They pair well with V-neck dresses and tops for formal occasions and turtlenecks and crew neck t-shirts for casual occasions.

Styling diamond jewellery is a matter of personal style and preferences. The tips above are meant to serve as a guideline so feel free to experiment, have fun and wear your diamond jewellery in ways that make you feel elegant and confident.

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