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Fake It ‘til You Make It: Making New Clothes Look Authentically Vintage

It can be challenging to put together an original vintage-inspired ensemble that adheres to current fashion trends. Too frequently, wearing an ensemble made up entirely of vintage pieces makes you look like you walked out of a theatre wardrobe in costume, or have just come from your grandmother’s house. Using vintage clothing to create stylish, contemporary-looking ensembles is no easy feat. You can create your own distinctive vintage look by following a few of these simple tips.

Mix It Up

Some members of the vintage community style themselves with the intention of portraying an authentic appearance that captures their preferred historical periods. Most vintage aficionados strive to buy and wear genuine vintage, but for some, it’s not always feasible. Finding high-quality imitation products may be a useful tool for achieving an accurate vintage look, whether it’s due to financial restrictions, a lack of sizing options, or the worry of wearing out a fragile vintage item. There are numerous reproduction companies that offer contemporary clothes and accessories that are designed and created using vintage patterns. Much care is taken in studying the relevant silhouette, cut, and details to produce items that look like the real deal.


You may choose to balance modern replica pieces with a few real vintage accessories to achieve an authentic-inspired look. Adding authentic vintage hats, glasses, handbags, gloves, brooches, earrings, and other jewellery to your ensemble is a terrific way to include some real vintage components. Most of these accessories are easy to locate, affordable, and size-restrictions are usually not an issue.

Most experts agree: refresh your vintage look using modern hair and makeup techniques to prevent looking as though you just left a period film set. A contemporary look with neutral makeup and hairstyling gives your outfit the opportunity to shine.

Age It

A great trick when it comes to making new clothes look vintage, is to replace belt buckles and buttons with vintage options. These are readily available at second-hand stores as well as online. Vintage enthusiasts love the worn-in, soft-to-the-touch feeling that comes with most vintage clothing. Natural fraying and fading effects can be added to new clothing to recreate that authentic vibe. By following a few simple DIY methods, you can achieve the vintage look with ease. You can source fantastic band memorabilia on and stylishly age the fabric without harming it if you are looking for a more vintage look. Wash new t-shirts several times before starting the ageing process.

You have a choice of at least three “brining” options. Bleach, lemon, and vinegar are the most popular, but some people prefer an acetone soak. The next step is a hot wash after using any of these brining solutions. The heat helps to remove the brining solution residue from the fibres in addition to removing extra colours and stains from the fabric. The hot-wash and dry procedures can be repeated numerous times. In between washings, you can choose to use diluted coffee, tea, or paint to “stain” the item. The last step is to use sandpaper or pumice stone to “rough” up sleeve edges, collars, and hems.

The ability to put together a stylish retro outfit is a skill that shouldn’t just be used by A-list celebrities or models who dedicate their careers to the fashion industry. By adhering to a few straightforward dos and don’ts of retro fashion, you too can look elegantly vintage.

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