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A Simple Guide to Feeling Fabulous and Fashionable on the Beach

Whether you are planning on booking a holiday of a lifetime to Southern Thailand, or you cannot wait for two weeks in a Skegness caravan, planning your beach wardrobe definitely does not need to be anywhere as stressful as some people make it.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover a simple guide to feeling fabulous and fashionable on the beach.

Listen to Your Body

Around two weeks before the date of departure, both as a cleansing process for your body and indeed, to avoid excess bloating, it is a good idea to notice what foods and drinks your body reacts well to and conversely, those that leave you feeling overheated and overfull.

Increase the amount of lean meats, oily fish and of course, fruit and vegetables that you consume; and conversely, reduce your intake of processed foods and sweets, drink more water and drink less alcohol and fizzy pop.

Following these basic healthy eating tips will not only ensure you feel as confident and as relaxed as possible when you are wearing nothing but your bikini on the beach, but it will also teach your body healthy habits and increase your core energy levels.

Stand Up Straight

A hunched shoulder and a generally lower level of posture are closely associated with a lack of self-confidence and it may well be the case that how you walk and stand convey this notion – even if you do not realise it.

Stand tall on the beach and stride confidently to the bar, the sea and to the ice cream bar, embracing your body and loving the skin you are in. Moreover, you should also serve to dress to accentuate your assets – both on the beach and indeed, every day of your life.

Shop From the Comfort of Your Home

When shopping online, never be afraid to order more than you can afford or indeed, more clothing than you want need. It’s the only way to truly know if the colours suit your skin tone and the fit is right for you – and you can always return any items that you don’t like or need.

Reputable and established online clothing companies, such as the unique, affordable and impressive plus size boutique at Froxx, have a long returns period and offer free delivery when you spend over a certain amount.

Basic tips for online shopping include:

  • Always use a credit card to pay for your clothing
  • Make sure the website is secure (with a padlock next to the address)
  • Read and understand the returns policy
  • Never use public wi-fi when paying for anything

Be Kinder to Yourself

Lastly, but most definitely more important than anything else, you need to start treating yourself and your body with the same levels of respect and kindness that you afford your family members and close friends.

The harshest judgements inevitably come from your inner voice, so whether you are a size zero or a size thirty; whether you have an ample bosom or a smaller one; whether you are a brunette, blonde or redhead; and regardless of the size of your thighs, get out there, live your best life and have an amazing holiday.

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